A walk from Te Kopuke/Mt St John to Te Tokaroa/Meola Reef, approximately following the lava flow*


Start at Te Kopuke/Mt St John summit – Matariki ceremony by Pita Turei

Descend onto Belvedere Street

Turn left onto Mt St John Avenue

Cross Manukau Road onto Domett Avenue

Turn right onto Gilles Avenue

Left onto Brightside Road

Left onto Owens Road

Take pedestrian access up Maungawhau/Mt Eden off Owens road

Mt Eden

Pause at at the trig point on Maungawhau/Mt Eden, for a karakia by Pita Turei

Descend from summit, taking a left onto Puhi Huia Road

Cross Mt Eden Road, onto View Road

Walk the entire length of View Road up to Dominion Road


Cross Dominion Road, take a slight left onto George Street

Descend Billy Apple steps on Monkey Hill

Turn right onto Onslow Road

Turn right onto Sandringham Road

Left onto New North Road – discussion on Auckland’s geology led by Jeremy Eade and Tracey Marie Howe

St Lukes

Follow New North Road all the way to Rocky Nook Avenue

Turn right and enter Fowlds Park

Pause at the western entry of Fowlds Park

Exit Fowlds Park, taking a right onto Malvern Road

Walk up to Western Springs Road, take a left onto Duncan Maclean Link and follow until St Lukes Road

Turn right at St Lukes Road and follow all the way

Cross over the North Western Motorway, pause to view the basalt cutting from the lava flow of Te Tatau a Riukiuta/Three Kings

Western Springs

Enter Western Springs Park, taking the path to the left hand side of the lake

Follow the path along the edge of the lake

Pause to view the basalt outcrops that mark the beginning of the visible section of the lava flow from Te Kopuke/Mt St John

Exit the park, taking a right onto Motions Road

Follow the bend in the road to the right onto Old Mill Road, look out for the basalt and rock wall on the right hand side as you cross over Motions Creek

Cross over the bridge and turn left into Jaggers Bush Walk

Cross Meola Road, follow it along to the Te Tokaroa/Meola Reef Reserve entrance

Turn right into the reserve and take the Te Tokaroa/Meola Reef walkway to the waters edge

Witness the tongue of basalt that stretches into the Waitematā Harbour


– It is best to begin the walk two hours before low tide, so that the basalt flow at Meola Reef is at its most exposed

– Walk is approximately 14 kilometers and takes 2-4 hours.


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