A project based in Auckland exploring the movement of materials, focusing on sites of transformation, and places where geology asserts itself across the city. These include the remnant urban landscape around Auckland’s Waterview Tunnel and motorway development, local volcanic cones turned into quarries and tailings dumps, Te Tokaroa Reef on the Waitemata Harbour – the tail end of a lava flow that came from the Te Kopuke (Mt St John) eruption 28,000 years ago – and the Ihumatao fossil forest at Renton Road adjacent to the Auckland Airport. Culminating in an installation involving sculpture and video, the project hinges on a day long walk on 11 July 2015, between Te Kopuke/Mt St John and Te Tokaroa/Meola Reef, carrying a set of cast bronze poles. Walking a line through the city becomes a drawing, a slowing down to enable discussion, an alternative mapping and a way of observing different orders of time. This morning-to-evening walk will be open to anyone who would like to join along the way. Documented in video, it forms part of the visual material for the final installation.

Opens 30 July  until 11 September, 2015 at ST PAUL St Gallery

At the trig point at Maungawhau/Mt Eden

Pausing at the trig point at Maungawhau/Mt Eden – photo by Mark Schroder

This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.


This project is supported by the NSW Government through Arts NSW